Center for Research in Security Prices

欧美观看免费全部完,女朋友太紧根本进不去,午夜男女爽爽影院,67194免费观看网站 With a grant of $ 300,000 from Merrill Lynch, the Center for Research in Security Prices (CRSP) was established in 1960. CRSP will develop sustainable, value-increasing, long-term relationships with more users by enhancing existing and accepted products and by providing valuable new databases and services that are consistent with the research reputation of the Booth School of Business. CRSP will provide to its employees a professional environment that recognizes, rewards, and respects value-enhancing contributions. CRSP is committed to excellence in the development and maintenance of data products and information which provide a basis for scholarly achievement, original, innovative research and thus the dissemination of knowledge.  We view these principles as an obligation to be met on a continual basis and are dedicated to its fulfillment.

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